Mystical networks span through the woods. Explore its nature as an anthropomorphic fungus and restore the broken connections. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere of the forest. Restore the broken connections by using your mycelium. Find out more about these mysterious voices.

Xylophongos is a students’ project and experimental serious game based on research on terminal care and fungi. Fungi are one of the few organisms that can decompose lignin found in wood so they are essential to the ecosystem. This makes them in a sense terminal caretakers of dead and dying trees, also turning them into nutrients for new life to form. A central theme is also the interconnectedness of things which contrasts our modern methodology of keeping the old and dying distant from our everyday lives and shutting the topic of death off.


Team: André Meyer, Leif Gutowski, Lisa Fricke, Mary-Lou Ploß, Alexander Nham
Genre: Narrative focus with puzzle elements
Plattform: PC