Research areas

Research in the research cluster “Games”:

Prof. Gunther Rehfeld

Community building and interactive dramaturgy in games, narratology.

Topics for research projects:

  • game design of and for community building
  • gaming experience and retention through storytelling
  • socio-psychological motivations of games
  • control of the game experience and its monetization

Prof. Ralf Hebecker

Game design and management, gamification, visual/dynamic notations for games, experimental and research games, alternative games controller.

Current project offerings:

  • the fantastic landscape,
  • adventure game and puzzle patterns,
  • “Escape the room” – puzzling rooms,
  • generative design / processing,
  • spatial interaction.

Qualified Artist Maik Helfrich

Game design, Human-machine interfaces

Current project offerings:

  • haptics and VR in game design
  • music a the key component in game design

Kolja Bopp

A comprehensive list of theses, projects and lectures …

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Most of the theses are in German only. Please contact us for english abstracts.