Lecturers (Games Master)

<b>Prof. Gunther Rehfeld</b>
Prof. Gunther RehfeldProfessor of visual communication and image processing.
Co-founder of the GamecityLab and of the Games Studies program.
Chairman of the board of examiners of the Master programs.
Studied art at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts (HfbK), amongst others “media ecology” with Prof. Haller and dialogue systems with Prof. Kurt Asleben. Worked as freelance graphic designer for agencies and publishers. Conception and design of new media systems for events, CD-ROM and web for companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Telefunken, Universal Music. From 1998-2001 Professor of Media Communication and Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Kaiserslautern. Since 2001 professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg. Teaching areas: game design, media design, typography. Research interests: narratology in interactive media, community.
<b>Prof. Ralf Hebecker</b>
Prof. Ralf HebeckerProfessor of game design and production.
Graduate Designer (FH) with extensive experience as staff and freelance designer, director and project manager for all forms of media projects. In the last 10 years increased work as a researcher, lecturer and author in the areas of game design, user experience, and communication design. Additionally software and game developer with own game development and publishing studio Kayzerfish. Research interests: game design and produktion, experimental (research) games and controllers, serious games / gamification, artificial landscape, (adventure) puzzle patterns, spatial interaction.
<b>Prof. Anke Günther</b>
Prof. Anke Günther
<b>Prof. Eric Jannot</b>
Prof. Eric Jannot
<b>Dipl.-Artist Maik Helfrich</b>
Dipl.-Artist Maik HelfrichScientific Research Assistant at the GamesLab/Games Studies master program
Studies of Fine Arts at HBKsaar in Saarbrücken and work as a free-lancing artist within the collective „zkk – centre of the wired arts“ with focus on video/light, sound art and interactive installation. Games studies and work as research assistant at HAW Hamburg. Work as free-lancing artist under the nick „esflackert“. Lurking member of the CCC-Chaos Computer Club and responsible for the technical and artistical realisation of the annual festival „PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival“.
<b>Kolja Bopp</b>
Kolja BoppScientific Reseach Assisant at the GamesLab/Games Studies master program
<b>Miko Hucko (he/him)</b>
Miko Hucko (he/him)Scientific Reseach Assisant at the GamesLab/Games Studies master program
Miko Hucko is re-programing reality with Spieleberatung and researches in the field of Play and Space at authren.games.


 <b>Prof. Dr. Roland Greule</b>
Prof. Dr. Roland Greule
     Professor of lighting technology. Associate Dean,
director of the light laboratory.
<b>Prof. Thomas Görne</b>
Prof. Thomas Görne
Professor for time-based media, chairman of the board of examiners of the media technology (diploma) degree.
<b>Prof. Thomas Görne</b>
Prof. Thomas Görne
Professor for time-based media, chairman of the board of examiners of the media technology (diploma) degree.
<b>Prof. Dr. Andreas Plaß</b>
Prof. Dr. Andreas Plaß
Professor of software engineering. Chairman of the board of examiners of the bachelor degrees.
<b>Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmidt</b>
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmidt
Professor of video and audio technology, director of the video and audio technology laboratory.
<b>Prof. Dr. Edmund Weitz</b>
Prof. Dr. Edmund Weitz
Professor of mathematics and computer science.
<b>Prof. Wolfgang Willaschek</b>
Prof. Wolfgang Willaschek

University Student Assistants

 <b>Lukas Schneller</b>
Lukas Schneller University Student Assistant - Laboratory & Inventory
 <b>Linard Hug</b>
Linard Hug University Student Assistant - Server Administrations
 <b>Pyeson Oo</b>
Pyeson Oo University Student Assistant - Laboratory & Inventory
 <b>Annabell Brand</b>
Annabell Brand University Student Assistant - Motion Capturing

Guest Lecturers from Industry

Tobias Schelinski und Kollegen (RAe Taylor-Wessing)

Carsten Fichtelmann (Daedalic Entertainment)

Jan Müller-Michaelis (Daedalic Entertainment)

Sirko Rückmann (Goodgame Studios, Ticking Bomb Games)
Game and Level Design

Johannes Kiel (Daedalic Entertainment)
Game Project Management and Producing

Kathleen Kunze (Innogames)
Game and Leveldesign

Hardy Dreier, M.A. (Digital Mariachi GmbH)
Near Game

Murat Kaya (Bigpoint)
Concept Art

Stefan Rühl (Rühl Gameconsult)

Stefan Klemm (Spotsonfire / Goodgame Studios)
Level Design

Academic Guest Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Boris Tolg (HAW, Fakultät Life Sciences)
Game and engine programming

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Swoboda (HAW, Department Information)
E-Learning and Games

Prof. Dr. Matthis Lenhardt (HfbK Hamburg)
Artistic / academic seminar

Additional lecturers in the partner program “Sound – Vision”

Prof. Dr. Ralf Hendrych
Professor of mathematics and computer science

Prof. Dr. Nils Martini
Professor of network technology and media systems. Department Head and Associate Dean

Prof. Dr. Eva Wilk
Professor of audio engineering

Prof. Dr. Norbert Witt
Professor of media systems. Internship coordinator

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Bender
Research assistant EAW

Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Breuer
Research assistant EAW

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Berens
Research assistant ERC

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Goldberg
Research assistant audio

Dipl.-Ing. Christina Becker
Research assistant production studio

Dipl.-Ing. Nathalie Mai
Research assistant video

Dipl.-Ing. Nour-Eddine Louchene
Employee IT, ERC

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Oving
Research assistant light