Applicants must have a recognized Bachelor’s degree or a diploma of the fields of design (communications, graphic, interaction, media etc.) or computer science (computer science, media systems, applied computer science etc.). You should have particular interest in game development, which you’ll have to present in form of work samples and during an interview. Demonstrable experience (internships or similar) in a games company is advantageous.

Permitted formats of your work samples for the qualifying examination:
an operational game level, mods, character designs, models, rigs, game design documents (GDD), executable code, animations, treatments. You will need to certify/proof that you are the main author of all material presented.

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Additional information for international applicants

No tuition fees, cost of living

Studying at public universities like the HAW Hamburg is subsidised by the government in Germany. Hence, we do not charge tuition fees for national and international students. (We know, this might sound like some sort of dream or even scam to most international students. It isn’t.)

All you gotta pay for is a “semester contribution” fee of around EUR 320 per semester (including the ticket for public transport) and your cost of living. More info about the cost of studying and living in Hamburg.

There are also scholarships.

Language proficiency: German is required

The HAW Hamburg requires quite comprehensive German reading and writing capabilities as a prerequisite to your application. You’ll need skills comparable to the “B1 language certificate”. Detailed info about the language requirements can be found here.

While large portions of our literature is in English, most of the our courses are still taught in German. We can and will switch to English as soon as there are more than only a few international students attending. You can write any assignment in English.

Credential evaluation

As an international applicant you’ll need to verify – well in advance of your application! – that your university and your degree will be recognized in Germany. To do so, go to Uni Assist, which is available in many languages. There’s a fee to be paid.

For a free “preflight”, here is a database of recognized schools and universities. German only, though.

Visa information

Please read this first: Visas & Residence Permits

We advise to get in contact with us or the International Office well in advance of your planned application. Ideally a year or even more in advance.