The Masters degree “Time-based Media / Sound – Vision – Games” teaches game design close to the reality of the design industry all over the world. It is specifically tailored to suit the needs and the language of this booming field, while also offering depth of the theoretical and practical backgrounds of media management and game studies. As a result our graduates have more than excellent job perspectives.

Computer scientists and designers collaborate in the production of game prototypes and deepen their theoretical knowledge in game-related content. We skillfully combine theory and practice – therefore a stunning array of guest lecturers from the computer game industry are as part of our teaching team as our scientific staff. [More]


20 April 2017

Modding The City #1 // Paolo Pedercini, Molleindustria ... WeiterlesenWeniger anzeigen

Modding The City #1 // Paolo Pedercini, Molleindustria

April 25, 2017, 6:30pm - April 25, 2017, 8:30pm

HAW Hamburg - Fakultät DMI

PAOLO PEDERCINI, MOLLEINDUSTRIA SimCities & SimCrises (EN) This is everything you need to know about Paolo Pedercini // Paolo was born in 1981 somewhere in northern italy: He's currently based in Pittsburgh after surviving Milan and studying in upstate New York: He teaches experimental game design and media production courses at Carnegie Mellon University's School Of Art: He is mostly known for his radical videogaming project Molleindustria and he unintentionally convinced many people that his games are art: He sometimes makes things that are not games: He rarely tweets and almost never blogs: He owns between 20,000 and 50,000 pets. Join his talk about Sim Cities and Sim Crises at Forum Fin...

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